ARTIVIST : website <<< new site / classic statements

24 02 2011

ARTIVIST : creative on WAKEdUP <<< new site

20 11 2010

website :

applications : dreamweaver 8 / flash 8 / photoshop CS2

client : M-I-A wakeboarding / !@M3 SK8

… designed from a clever template & with some nice content found on ‘free’ websites we cut this little one page site in a day…

The domain was the last piece to the puzzle & was registered after the site was uploaded to the ARTIVIST : server after a true geek all nighter <<< always better in the middle of the night!

“This small project was a distraction to get the content compiled, I grabbed a template for the XML elements & amended the content & in the end proved to be a good front end!” says JoFF Rae “the page is trick… summer & upbeat”.

The page uses XML to update various elements of the site in a Flash based animated page <<< kinda cool in a very geek way!  The content was compiled & elements were found on the internet & heavily edited to make the end product & suit the requirements of the WAKEdUP content.