ARTIVIST : creative spray intro

20 03 2011

The Parasite Project <<< a collaboration of global film makers

19 03 2011

A global film project, a unique and unprecedented traveling art installation exploring the entanglement of culture, environment, science, nature and universal connectivity.

The installation will consist of two components: a sculptural, structural installation and an indoor video installation housed in a number of spaces within the structure.

The premier of the installation will be in Asia’s non-stop metropolis, Hong Kong after which it will begin it’s migration around the world.

The project is about connectivity, how we all feel like outsiders but are actually all connected. It is also about the spread of ideas, like a virus, the project deliberately infects other artists, filmmakers and locations as it moves around the world.

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Tech’ D on WAKEdUP = ARTIVIST : creative

13 02 2011

Salmonella DJ Sound System – September Run North!

2 08 2010

The Salmonella DJ Sound System is on the road again with a couple of little exclusive gigs with some new friends…

Crash Palace in Rotorua has been making a name for itself in the entertainment industry as a place to be making stuff… the Salmonella DJ Sound System makes its mark on Rotovegas scene with an exclusive one off performance on Friday 3rd September.  Chris Crash has found some dirt on a couple of members through his extensive Facebook community & forced the group to play at his backpackers…

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case study : BUTLERS REEF May 2010

22 05 2010

Salmonella Dub LIVE | butlers reef / 22 May 2010

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ARTIVIST : creative in phase #3… conslidation & investment; commitment & interest.

24 04 2010

After specific negotiation & implimentation ARTIVIST : creative is moving to phase #3 in business & content development with specialised tailored services for specific quality clients.

Joint ventures & arrangements have developed with selected reputable clients & suppliers – ARTIVIST : creative is making further investment in key equipment & resources to meet the expectations of the agreements.

“At our FIVE20 space we are making stuff… from Taupo we are making stuff for International markets” says JoFF Rae, “we’re really excited about working with Salmonella Dub – even more excited about the potential for collaboration, content development & delivery of International productions in the UK & Australia later in the year & small scale festival format shows in for New Zealand in the New Year!”

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Salmonella Dub featuring MC Mana – UP & RUNNING video release!

20 04 2010