ARTIVIST : creative spray intro

20 03 2011

The Parasite Project <<< a collaboration of global film makers

19 03 2011

A global film project, a unique and unprecedented traveling art installation exploring the entanglement of culture, environment, science, nature and universal connectivity.

The installation will consist of two components: a sculptural, structural installation and an indoor video installation housed in a number of spaces within the structure.

The premier of the installation will be in Asia’s non-stop metropolis, Hong Kong after which it will begin it’s migration around the world.

The project is about connectivity, how we all feel like outsiders but are actually all connected. It is also about the spread of ideas, like a virus, the project deliberately infects other artists, filmmakers and locations as it moves around the world.

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Salmonella Dub featuring MC Mana – UP & RUNNING video release!

20 04 2010

NYE Music Mountain Matakana

6 12 2009

featuring Salmonella Dub, Ladi 6, Whirimako Black, MC Mana, DLT & a heap of others… the gig rocked & was a success for those involved in the performance…

ARTIVIST provided projections & was there to take stock & audit the event for the independent promoter – indicating plans to continue holding large format events in the bush of Matakana.

Venue owner Nigel Rowthorne is a legend in Rock N Roll in New Zealand & Internationally & has built the venue over the last 27 years…

Jos Wheeler – ARTIVIST : DoP talent from right here!

30 06 2009

Jos Wheeler is rising in the background as the man behind lense & the stars…

His work includes music videos, short film, TVC & advertising – all of the highest standards & the best clients… Childfund, Sky Sport & LTSA TVCs; Anna Coddington, Che Fu & Breaks Co-op music videos; & short drama ‘Valveman’ feature as content (ARTIVIST will be posting some of this!)… a small taste of his excellent works.

“The very cool thing with Jos is his artistic integrity!” says ARTIVIST : creative JoFF… “his artistic knowledge & impeccable cinematography are a bonus – the guy is just damn cool to work with!”

More work from Jos will be posted here at ARTIVIST : creative by any means necessary! including a full bio – watch out for it!