Tuffery / Rhombus installation system design

1 03 2010

ARTIVIST : creative on a unique stage set & projection system for SirMT (Michel Tuffery) in a collaboration with Rhombus.

The demands of this system were simple but impressive; ARTIVIST : creative JoFF Rae & Michel Tuffery M.N.Z.M. developed this system with specific choreographed content & performance.

“This is an amazing project that is specifically for export” says JoFF, “the idea has been met with gasps of excitement from key International festival organisers & they are building their productions to suit our installation!”

ARTIVIST : creative is investing in specialised equipment including fibre optic dual SC cable to meet the specific demands of Tuffery… “he has asked for cameras in specific areas of the installation that are difficult to get to – especially when he wants to be at front of house” says JoFF Rae, “this system involves the Ohm64 controller, the 21″ Wacom Cintiq interactive pen display & some trick kit on the DV camera tip… the fibre optic cable is expensive but will make a massive difference!”

Other features of the custom kit are the 5 massive projectors, the 9m square 3D mesh structure known as the ‘Kina’ (a fantastic mesh sculpture by Tuffery that receives a multiple composite projection through it) & composed visuals across 30 square meters of projections.

Tuffery uses a library of archive footage from the Pacific Islands including Rarotonga & Samoa with modern images & video loops creating a visual narrative to compliment the exquisitely produced music of Rhombus.

ARTIVIST : creative provide TD & visuals for NZ artists at AWME

24 11 2009

ARTIVIST : creative provide technical direction & visuals for NZ performers at AWME 2009 including Rhombus (with Michel Tuffery MNZM), Little Bushmen, Mihirangi, Tama Waipera & the NOMAD.

“It was an honor to work with such a calibre of act & a high level of artistic integrity” said JoFF Rae… “the features of the Expo for me were hanging out with legendary graff’ artist HAHA, artists Ero & the NOMAD & the jam with the Mad Professor!  The Rhombus performance & working with Tuffery again was the cream!”

The Expo in Melbourne was a success for CNZ & the artists with a stream of bookings!  The contingent from NZ had showcases in the Black Box at the Melbourne Arts Center, a nice room with an intimate feel & a capacity of not more than 250.

Looking forward to 2010!  Special thanks to CNZ, Koa & the NOMAD.

Rhombus / Little Bushmen to perform at prestigious AWME, Melbourne

3 10 2009

Rhombus & Little Bushmen have been invited to perform for an exclusive audience as a showcase at the Australasian World Music Expo, November at the Melbourne Arts Center.


ARTIVIST : creative is designing a unique visualscape set & system with Modul8 driven content from Michel Tuffery MNZMARTIVIST : creatives to develop on concepts involving visuals in the Rhombus performance for this showcase…

The exclusive Little Bushmen showcase will involve some suitable choreographed ARTIVIST : creative visual content… Warren Maxwell & ARTIVIST : creative JoFF Rae have worked together on several projects over the last 20 years including Skapa, Southside of Bombay & very early Trinity (before the “Roots” was added)…

“This is exciting… two of the most artistic & creative contemporary bands in New Zealand & we get to make stuff with them” says JoFF… “then we get to present in an exclusive showcase scenario in my favourite city other than Wellington… can’t get better!!!”

Rhombus Productions – new studio!

11 07 2009

Rhombus Productions are in the new SECRET central city Welli’ studio… one of the old town buildings with a history that is all about creativity & productivity… all based on some antithetic ideas!


In a “secret” that was not well kept the Martin Square Studio once housed the New Zealand Secret Intelligence Service!  The nations security issues were kept quiet in this place… it later became the house of NZ iconic band Bailter Space – once known to be the nations loudest band ever!!!

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ARTIVIST : creative by any means necessary!

16 06 2009

Creative Direction & Production:

Guerrilla Media – Urban Arts; Fine Arts; Design – event, graphics, content, internet; Video – edit & capture; Visual Content & Projection;

Technical Direction / Production Design & Management – music & arts, tours, events, concerts, etc.

Artist management & promotional resources…