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27 01 2012

social media?

Cable TV was originally a community & social media… in the 70s as a method of capturing video & the concept of media, distributing the media around closed loops in communities & syndication of shows for distribution.  The guerrilla media approach was adapted throughout the production as the equipment was far more accessible & not confined to a sterile studio.  These methods saw innovation in the capture & management & attitude toward media distribution.

Regulation & Commercialisation was imposed on Cable TV in the 80’s after the CBS Television Network commissioned some enthusiasts to write & publish a book Guerrilla Media.  The writers could see the demise of their free & unregulated networks. However, CBS was looking to have a reference for the philosophy & motivation of a social network – they valued the original concept & understood that the “hippies” & enthusiasts had developed unique networks, distribution, production values & philosophy as a creative direction.

Later, Internet Relay Chat (IRC / after Telnet but far more accessible) in the early 90’s was the basis of social networking today with many of the same features… nick, chat, private, #chans, direct file transfers.  The networks developed a hierarchy & were managed by users with trained & earned status based on trust, respect & capability.  Again the moderation & security was from the community – an unusual gaggle of geeks & freaks with this Anon & his wife aged mid 30s regular respected citizens of the AUSTNET IRC Network.  We provided two collocated servers on fast connections in New Zealand & the USA.

10 years ago we recruited & commissioned young code hackers from AUSTNET for exciting commercial projects demonstrating new broadband & fiber technologies.  Generally these kids used a common dial up connection & could only imagine the results we would achieve at the largest Internet Exhibitions CeBIT & NetWorld on massive connectivity & bandwidth; the coders were all obsessed & stayed connected to 50,000 simultaneous users on up to 15 servers around Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada & a couple of stray ones in Europe.  The AUSTNET IRC network was very well moderated & controlled & had little problems with pornography, abuse & such; more as a chat network or gaming chat in safe environ’ with the original conservative & christian values of AUSTNET founder Rogery with Seecs, Kwahraw & Sunflower was offset by the almost abusive & direct attitudes of CA & Boss Man, 6 legends in AUSTNET history; there were hundreds of rooms with users & bots in all of them, each user finding their own group of friends & taking advice from IRCops or trusted ASD “helpers”.

Since 2000 the internet & mobile services have delivered all that we imagined & without disappointment as one of the main factors of the advancement has been in product design – our media tools are now functional & beautiful.  Broadband & WiFi have changed & motivated the way we interact with media & communicate; we have got “wasteful” with bandwidth as more is available; & our media has become “disposable” & flipant with Youtube, Vimeo, Flickr; Facebook released in 2004 & now has a population that is difficult to comprehend – $800 Million active users with an average of 130 friends & a total of 900 Million objects like pages & groups; 350 Million active users access Facebook through their mobile devices.

There are common factors of concept & development in social media.

– First is community – there is no society without community;

– Second is enthusiasm, collective talent obsesion & passion.

so what’s up?

The internet by many accounts is about to be heavily regulated, censured & monitored… we’re told that freedoms & privacy will be lost.  Historically this would signal a time of creative & technical innovation that would result in new communication & social media technology from established & fragmented communities.

Consideration is required in the conceptual, philosophical & creative aspects of the relationship of user & media in future communication & media technologies.  In the present media environment questions of copyright & ownership of media will be a prerequisite consideration for any creative development (maybe the ultimate motivation) but ease of access & creative commons style licensing will be just as important.  However, present technical & physical constraints of the internet with the limitations of our biased & learned perception will effect any new technology concept.

In any event there will be three simple motivations in this creative process: social media; community; & ethic.




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