The Parasite Project <<< a collaboration of global film makers

19 03 2011

A global film project, a unique and unprecedented traveling art installation exploring the entanglement of culture, environment, science, nature and universal connectivity.

The installation will consist of two components: a sculptural, structural installation and an indoor video installation housed in a number of spaces within the structure.

The premier of the installation will be in Asia’s non-stop metropolis, Hong Kong after which it will begin it’s migration around the world.

The project is about connectivity, how we all feel like outsiders but are actually all connected. It is also about the spread of ideas, like a virus, the project deliberately infects other artists, filmmakers and locations as it moves around the world.

What we need to do:

The Parasite Project have created a shot list of around 60 shots (see ‘Shot List’ below) and need people to film the same shots but in their own way, in their location. The final presentation is dozens of screens, in many environments within the installation, all playing the same shots but from different filmmakers, in an intelligently edited sequence.

We can film each element multiple times on different occasions. The more of each shots we get the better.

If we can only film a few of the shots that’s fine too, each shot submission will make a difference.

We can use existing footage from your previous work, or that of friends.

The Parasite Project are not National Geographic trying to film the world of human experience; we are trying to find abstract rhythms that are universal. They are looking for edgy, gritty work, not TV commercial style.

Wherever possible shoot high speed so we can go slow motion, but otherwise any camera quality is fine from lo-fi to super HD.

Talking/conversation/noise is fine whether from camera guy or subject matter but not necessary.

We will invite our friends and other filmmakers to take part, the more footage we can get the more effective and impactful the film will be.

The Shot List


  1. Stand in the centre of busy streets, day or night, amongst masses of people and film for at least 15 seconds. Still shot.
  2. Large amounts of people walking toward you at pedestrian crossings.
  3. People in busy nightclubs and a view of the dance floor with many people in shot, as if you are in the middle of it.
  4. The moment in the nightclub/rave/concert where the tune kicks in and everyone goes wild. Ideally a shot over the heads of the crowd from the back of the venue so you see all the hands rise.
  5. People ranting.
  6. Mass police activity, waiting outside banks that are being robbed, waiting for protesters, suicides, at fires, etc.
  7. People getting roughed up, like in protests or demonstrations, shots from inside that type of riot atmosphere.
  8. People asking what the camera guy is doing, whether aggressive or curious.
  9. Someone who has just been attacked, bleeding, in pain.
  10. Anyone completely fucked on drugs in any situation.
  11. The camera operator being hassled/approached/ attacked.
  12. People stumbling out of nightclubs drunk. Also people trying to get in to night clubs drunk, arguing with the door staff.
  13. Any street fight/violence/hooliganism or people kicking off, shouting loudly, couples freaking out.
  14. Any obvious unusual incidents – police cars racing by, crashes, people falling, fights…all difficult I know but good to keep an eye out.


  1. The road ahead while traveling in a vehicle.There are a few parts to this shot: first sitting in a car filming the road ahead from the back seat while vehicle is moving fast, then also film the view ahead from the front seat. The horizon must be centered on the road ahead, the road being in the centre of the shot. Day or/and night. You should also try to film a section with a black or white car in front of your view around 30m ahead in the centre of your shot.These shots could also be captured from a camera on motorcycle handlebars/helmet.
  2. Illegal vehicle activity, street car racing, motorbike racing, burnouts.
  3. Planes passing overhead at the end of the runway both filling the frame and from a distance.
  4. A car crash. Could be cars crashing into each other, into objects, into walls, at different distances. This is a key shot so needs some attention. Ideally slow motion.
  5. A car coming towards the camera and stopping at the last second, or going over the camera.
  6. Driving shot while traveling through a long tunnel. Again, horizon and road ahead should be centered.
  7. In dark streets catching headlights flashing by and illuminating the scene momentarily.


  1. Stunning/stark landscape still. No humans.
  2. Any street/location, that would normally be very busy, deserted. The same spot/view crowded.


  1. Any negative human emotion – people upset, arguing, crying, people freaking out.
  2. Individuals discussing love, an experience of love, who they love.
  3. Any situation that feels like fear – a dog barking at the camera, or being warned away at the edge of violence, situations spinning out of control
  4. Genuine human consideration, caring for others, whether known or strangers.
  5. Sex/physical romantic activity.
  6. Human tragedy and the response to it.


  1. The sky – panning up and then down.
  2. Sunrise & sunset.
  3. Anything caught in a light when it’s dark, bugs, dust, things that look like bright dots of light in darkness such as snow falling at night.
  4. Tall grass moving in wind and walking through tall grass.
  5. Horses, running or close up still.
  6. Rain.
  7. Sunshine.
  8. Thunder coming, or events where it feels like a heavy thing is coming towards us, a building noise, industrial or organic, big trucks approaching, etc.
  9. Ocean with no people around, close up of the water, the waves meeting the shore, or the view out to the horizon, with the horizon central in the shot.
  10. The slaughter of animals.
  11. Film a scene reminiscent of the scene in The Deer Hunter, an animal standing staring at you in the wilderness, a dark forest or open plain.
  12. Things burning, unintentional fires.

Shots Specific

  1. A head emerging from water.
  2. Turning on night vision in the darkness to reveal something suprising or unusual.
  3. Someone asleep then waking up.
  4. The footage produced by a camera as it falls out of a window or from a structure from different heights. The higher the better!
  5. Women very pretty/good looking swearing or using gutter language. Head and shoulders and full body shot.
  6. Anyone falling, just to the floor or from height. Ideally slow motion.
  7. Person drawing a gun/knife or showing they have one.
  8. Following people running or people running by, especially if not in running gear/exercising, where other people are still, as if escaping or running from something. Follow the runner from the side also. The camera should be steady, so film it from a car/ bike/ dolly if you can get one – whatever works.
  9. People underwater, not scuba divers.
  10. Nudity or partial nudity.
  11. Anyone famous talking about either loss/tragedy or a pivotal event in their life.
  12. A person jumping in slow motion or in mid-air.
  13. A camera being thrown from one person to another – filming as it is thrown.
  14. People in masks, especially with hint of violence, ie; pseudo bank robbers.
  15. The camera rising steadily, as if going up in a glass elevator or helicopter, the ground receding away.
  16. Machinery moving. Close up so it fills the frame, it’s not important that the viewer knows what the machinery is.

Important Scene

A woman (preferably nude) falling or being struck by something unseen. It should mirror my painting style. Ideally slow motion. Also a girl in a dress being thrown to the floor or falling through space, as if hit by a car. Take some time with this one, multiple shots of each subject.

Your Shot

We film whatever we want, that one scene we always had in our mind but never found a place for.

shot_list.pdf Download this file



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