WAKEdUP = wakefest 11 / Mangakino : MUSIC | wake / skate / dirt | FESTIVAL

24 09 2010

Whakamaru Domain Sat 19 Feb 2011

WAKEdUP = wakefest 11 / Mangakino : MUSIC | wake / skate / dirt | FESTIVAL


>>> the fresh KIWI music & play festival mix’n it up with some wakeboarding, skateboarding, freestyle bmx, MotoX, Jetski action & NZ’s finest bands, BIG PARTY & free camping! we’ll bring you great music & action! If you LOVE DnB, Dub or Dubstep then get on this track… if you LIVE wake / skate / dirt then get on this run… if you don’t like any of this we bet you’ll get off on the WAKEdUP friendly peeps!!!… on the beautiful Whakamaru Domain this site offers free camping, a great access to the river & a safe spot to party with 2000 other peeps… 

From Friday 18th Feb’ at noon the gates will be open & the party will start that evening… we’ll play for 48 hours until Sunday noon with a whole lot of event action & entertainment to keep you vibed the whole time!!!

wakeboarding, skateboarding, freestyle bmx, motoX… more!!!

bands / gig – the best Dub, DnB & Dubstep from around NZ! great stage & BIG visuals & a stonkin’ hard BASS heavy system!!! we have some pumping new exclusive tracks online to bring to you too!!!

>> ACTION <<

WAKEdUP = wakefest 11 / Mangakino : MUSIC | wake / skate / dirt | FESTIVAL48 hours of event action & entertainment…>> ACTION >> 

/ DOUBLEdUP Wake | WBoard aCTioN!  >> $1,ooo cash & prizes!

/ DA$H4CA$H MotoX | motoX aCTioN!  >> $1,ooo cash & prizes!

/ GaMe oF S K A T E | 1/2pipe aCTioN!  >> $1,ooo cash & prizes!

/ BeST TRiCK BMX | B*G D*RT aCTioN!  >> $1,ooo cash & prizes!

/ more to come – like Jetski demos & more… times to be announced… action sites open 9am / CoMPs’ start 11am > DJs crank up down at the beach & up on the track…


PREPdUP Friday night campground party:

DJ Sweet Potato, Infinit & $ure$hot, BiG D, Scribble & more!!!

WAKEdUP Paarrrttttyyyyy!

the WAKEdUP ACT*ON STaGE – 5pm – 5am – All Night!

Knights Of The Dub Table

State of Mind

Optimus Gryme & Billy Fluid



MC Mana

Rooftop Collective



& more top NZ acts to be announce = 12 hours of music! 5pm – 5am

tickets = EXCLUSIVE ONLINE @ EVENTFINDER >>> get yours through M-I-A, !@M3 Sk8, ARTIVIST : creative & our fav’ outlets – keep an eye on our facebook page for more details >>> www.facebook.com/WAKEdUP… insane deals & free camping!

> MORE TO BE ANNOUNCED = Dub, DnB & Dubstep – the best NZ has to offer!!!



= 12 HOURS OF MUSIC!!! 5pm – 5am =

pre sale tickets – limited release October… get yours through M-I-A, !@M3 Sk8, ARTIVIST : creative – keep an eye on our facebook page for more details… INSANE EARLY BIRD DEALS & FREE CAMPING!!!

>> SITE <<

Facilities are all good for two nights of comfortable camping… parking is good with day time parking nearer the gate & campers parks more isolated & secure.

Friday all peeps can get in & set camp then rock around to the  camp picnic & party area / BBQs /  PEEPS… there’s exclusive access to the Waikato River & our private WAKEdUP beach – you’ll be able to get an afternoon swim in ’cause it’s bound to be hot!!!  It’ll get hotter with DJ Ha2a on the decks with some sexy tunes & Big D making it wobble at the PREPdUP PAARRRTTTTYYYYY!!!!!! <<<

We’ve been careful to consider your safety & security with St Johns based in the middle of the camping area & with good access to both the site & egress;  security is by SENJO security for your safety… these guys are smooth doods with lots of  style.  You can feed them, they are tame but be careful not to annoy them to much as this is their natural habitat & they can bite.

Saturday 19th : 10am things start / 11am action gets going with warm ups & DJs underway / 12 noon BBQs crank up again / CoMPs @ 1pm | 2pm | 3pm | 4pm

/ then we’re into the WAKEdUP ACT*ON STaGE – 5pm – 5am – ALL NIGHT!!!

/ Sunday morning session & out in the afternoon… 48 HOURS OF PLAY & PLAY HARDER!!!

>>> early bird tickets out October…



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