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7 09 2010


Released: 31 . 07 . 10


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… supported by DJ Rude Boy & Mighty Asterix with Mich’ this is a ballistic night by any standards!

Formed eighteen years ago in Christchurch NZ, Salmonella Dub have rightfully been called the pioneers and originators of a unique Pacific style of Dub/Drum ‘n’Bass/Reggae/Hip Hop and Groove based Rock. Acts such as Fat Freddy’s Drop, Scribe & P Money, Shapeshifter, Cornerstone Roots, Kora, King Kapisi as well as the new wave of Australian acts like Budspells, Rastawookie, King Tide, Red Eyes, and the likes, can all thank Salmonella Dub for paving the way to opening Australian ears to an alternative to a music scene that was largely house influenced dance music or straight guitar rock. (EMI Music)

Up and Running

The new video featuring guest MC Mana & depicting excellent examples of life in Aotearoa involving mowing lawns & beautiful scenery was recently nominated for the Juice Music Video Awards.

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from the band…

Kia Ora.

‘Up and Running’ the second video from Salmonella Dub’s latest studio album ‘Freak Controller’ is all about doing things the Aotearoa way. The video was shot during the weekend of the ‘Home Grown’ festival in Wellington. The band took film maker Bret Nichols on a guerilla style video shoot, Taniwha hunting through the Nelson lakes and on down to Kaikoura to their base camp and studio.

‘Up and Running’ sees the band branch out with new guest vocalists. Kaikoura local boy Manuu penned the lyrics for this track, with MC Mana and Andrew Penman, in the bands Hapuku studio north of Kaikoura.

“Come back earthy brother, earthy soul, soul brother, soul vibe, soul vision, soul sister, camped upon the next vibe, aroha means love into the real world now we bring the power to the people bring the mana thru.”

See you soon

Salmonella Dub


Our 7th studio album, Freak Controller is with us! Freak Controller is a medley of roots, rock and electronica dance styles featuring an exciting line up of guest vocalists and collaborative writing processes.

It has been two years since we released our last studio album the platinum selling Heal Me in 2007. In 2008 the band toured with the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra and released the live album Feel the Seasons Change featuring the NZSO and guests Whirimako Black, Richard Nunns and Paddy Free (Pitchblack). In June 2009 we released the precursor to Freak Controller – the hugely popular EP Freak Local.

We commenced work laying the rhythm beds for Freak Controller in our Hapuku studios in Kaikoura NZ, just prior to the sold out Freak Local tour of Australia in June 2009. More bass tracking was completed in our days off in Byron Bay during the Freak Local tour. Paddy Free took over the production duties in July building the beds for the top layers overseeing the final arrangements and mixes on a bulk of the tracks. Paddy had recently joined the band as an onstage guest with the NZSO tour. His first collaborations with the band as producer were back in 2001 resulting in NZ fourth biggest selling album the multi platinum Inside The Dubplates. Naturally he has taken the co-producer chair for Freak Controller, a role he occupies as instinctively as the one he has onstage with the band.

After the relatively downbeat Heal Me the band decided it was time to hit out with a more strident live feel. This can be heard on many of the cuts from Freak Controller… Pumping live drums on the drum and bass influenced tracks, Dub Shakes and Restless Soul. Salmonella Dub’s last single the catchy popular radio track Freak Local featuring Whirimako Black is also included along with the more roots influenced tracks, Rhythm And Pattern and Up And Running. The amplified blues of Untangling features a soulful duet with the Mighty Asterix and Whirimako Black. While MC Mana’s wonderful vocal gymnastics are showcased on the pumping rocker Walk Into Your Mind. The other tracks Bombastic, Deep in Southland and Wisdom By Default take the listener into a deep reflective mode.

Freak Controller is released with an exclusive limited run premium disc called Outa Control. Outa Control features four unreleased tracks written with the guest artists during the Freak Controller recording period. Bungle Fun – Featuring the Mighty Asterix. Dope Funk Manoova (Wa O Mua) – Featuring Whirimako Black. Dub Tune Barry (wasteful) – with guest vocals from Whirimako Black. That’s What I Want – with guest vocals from Mc Mana.


short bio

Band Members

Andrew Penman | guitar, keyboards

David Deakins | vocals, drums

Mark Tyler | bass

Pete Wood | trumpet, trombone


# Salmonella Dub released their debut album in 1994.

# Salmonella Dub were cheekily named for their bent dub versions of “bad taste” covers.


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